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GroundLink, your personal car service anywhere you need to be in the US and 110 countries, has launched even better car service in NY.

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Here's what you can expect in New York:

Convenient: Places to be? We’ll get you there. Reserve your car.

Reliable: Book your car. We'll take care of the rest. Guaranteed.

Affordable: Just $55 from Manhattan to JFK.

Trackable: Locate your driver using our app's real-time GPS.

Still the same on-time (or your next ride is free) guarantee and fast, easy booking too.

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Did We Mention We Have An Award-Winning App?

Voted "best APP in class" by USAToday, with the app GroundLink's service is available at
your fingertips.

GroundLink App

• Enjoy reliable car service anywhere you've got to be

• Track your driver using our app's real-time GPS

• Book in under 90 seconds

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New York Transportation Sample Rates:
JFKMidtown Manhattan$65.16
EWRMidtown Manhattan$60.54
LGAMidtown Manhattan$51.27

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